What Is The Most Visited Country In The World? Celebrate World Tourism Day

What Is The Most Visited Country In The World? Celebrate World Tourism Day

Have you ever pondered what the world’s most visited country is? In honor of World Tourism Day, we’re highlighting the world’s most visited nations! Every year on September 27th, World Tourism Day is observed to promote awareness about the importance and impact of tourism on society.

Each year has a different theme, and the emphasis for 2022 is on reviving tourism in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the World Tourism Organization wishes to support tourism in all nations fairly and equally. Tourism employs approximately one in every ten persons worldwide. Recognizing that behind every tourism number is a real person is critical to consciously restarting tourism.

France is the most visited country in the globe, with over 89 million visitors per year. It’s no surprise, given the allure of the cosmopolitan metropolis of Paris. City breaks to Paris are always popular with couples who want to experience the romanticism of the city’s historic streets and gleaming Eiffel Tower. Furthermore, Paris is a shopping paradise with some of the world’s best eateries. France, on the other hand, has a plethora of Mediterranean shores along its glamorous Côte d’Azur. The French Riviera is brimming with upscale resort towns and coastal villages, making it yet another popular tourist location. France’s diversity does not end there; the Loire Valley’s chateaux and vineyards are another reason to explore this European country.

The Origins of World Tourism Day

The UN World Tourism Organization created World Tourism Day in September 1979, and the first events took place on September 27, the following year. The UNWTO Statutes were passed on September 27, 1970, which was selected as the date to commemorate this holiday because it marked a watershed moment in global tourism.

These Statutes promote tourism as a means of economic development and internatiznal collaboration while upholding everyone’s right to fundamental freedoms and human rights.

The UNWTO believes that the timing of World Tourism Day is ideal because it coincides with the end of the peak travel season in the northern hemisphere and the start of the season in the southern hemisphere, a time when travel and the tourism industry are particularly appealing to many people around the world.

Tourism promotion is critical for a country’s economy because it reduces unemployment by helping to generate new jobs in the hospitality industry. Furthermore, vacationers have a propensity to spend more money. Tourism produces billions of dollars each year, which is enormous, particularly for developing countries.

At its Twelfth Session in Istanbul, Turkey, in October 1997, the UNWTO General Assembly resolved to select a host country each year to serve as the Organization’s partner in honoring World Tourism Day.

Last year, the Ivory Coast was selected with the theme “Tourism for Inclusive Growth.” This year’s theme is ‘Rethinking Tourism,’ and Indonesia will be the host nation.

How Should I Commemorate World Tourism Day?

World Tourism Day is best celebrated by visiting locations on your bucket list that you’ve always wanted to visit. If you can’t get there right away, plan ahead of time and take a shorter journey to get in the habit of getting out and seeing the world.

If you live in a popular tourist location, you can learn more about the industry and what you can do to preserve your community’s historical and cultural landmarks while also teaching visitors about its wonders.

What Happens on World Tourism Day?

Many events are conducted on World Tourism Day, including picture contests to encourage tourism and tourism award ceremonies in categories such as ecotourism. Other actions include providing free admission, discounts, or special deals to the general public to any museums, parks, beaches, or tourist-related places.

Government and community leaders may make public statements or offer special tours or prices as representatives of the tourism industry on or around September 27 to promote both their area and World Tourism Day.

Final Words

Tourism is critical to worldwide expansion and development. This day is significant in raising awareness of tourism’s position in the international community. It also shows how it affects social, cultural, political, and economic values around the globe.

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