Top PUBG Strategies for Winning More Games

Top PUBG Strategies for Winning More Games

If you want to improve your gaming skills in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, go through all of the PUBG Tips & Tricks we’ve provided in this post.

While none of these suggestions will win you games on their own, if you employ them all when you can, your chances of winning or placing higher increase dramatically.

 What are the best PUBG strategies?

  • Combat advice
  • Movement advice
  • Player awareness and further advice

This tutorial will be divided into three pieces. This includes fighting, mobility, player awareness, and any other further advice.

You should go through each part to learn more about how to play PUBG more effectively, but you can jump around to other sections to learn about different aspects of the game.

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What about the best combat advice?

Choose a weapon that you enjoy and stay with it.

Work with your coworkers and know when to peek and when not to.

If necessary, get closer.

Let’s begin by selecting a weapon in PUBG. Many individuals swear by a certain weapon, but the fact is that you should choose a weapon that you are most comfortable with.

However, you should almost always use an assault rifle. Because they are precise at longer ranges and can still deliver a lot of damage per second at close ranges while on full auto, assault rifles are the most flexible weapons.

Consider the M4, QZ, or Scar for more dependable long-range weaponry if you don’t know which assault rifle to employ. If you want a weapon that can provide fast bursts of damage up close, go with the AN94 or the Monster.

The AK-47 is a good weapon for tapping gently at long ranges, but you could also use a DMR like an SKS or an MK14 for the same thing.

Typically, an assault rifle with a near to mid range sight and a DMR or sniper at extended ranges with a longer range scope would be the optimum combination. SMGs can be effective, but only at close quarters.

Because you are continuously on the go, longer ranged weapons such as ARs are far more useful because you are more likely to be caught out in the open than in a structure or a limited distance region.

Knowing when to peek and when not to peek is the next tip. If you wish to fight, you must display your body or at the very least your head so that you may shoot your opponent.

The best thing to do is to peak just when you are in good health. It’s tempting to re-peek if you’re shot while shooting another player, but doing so puts you in danger. Instead, you should rest and prepare for a greater sneak attack to knock down your opponent.

Another thing to think about is cooperating with your teammates – if you damage a player and get shot, ask a friend to look out for you. Alternatively, try peeking at the same moment to catch your foes off guard.

You’ll need to approach closer if you can’t take a player down because they keep ducking behind cover whenever they take a little damage. Close the distance and try to flank them by moving from cover to cover.

If you have a teammate, you may utilize them to set up covering fire. This allows you to move about securely while the teammate fires where the opponent is hiding, compelling them to remain under cover.

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 What are the best recommendations for moving around?

  • Move around the circle’s boundaries.
  • You can resume jumping as soon as your feet strike the ground to maintain speed while looking around.
  • Don’t spend too much time in the same spot.

It’s difficult to comprehend what it means to have strong movement abilities in PUBG, therefore learning how to move effectively might be difficult.

In simple words, it means that you should always think about how your movement will appear to the adversary. To surprise foes or stay out of their line of sight, you must travel from place to place with care.

Sticking to the borders of a play space as it shrinks is a perfect illustration of this. You’ll need to glance in all directions if you go straight through the middle, and you’ll be right in the middle of the action.

You just need to gaze ahead and behind you if you stay near the perimeter of a play area. You won’t have to worry about glancing behind you after the play area has stopped moving.

Finally, never spend too much time in the same spot. This may be quite dangerous, especially if you have just been involved in a fight.

If you keep shooting and staying in the same area, more players will come to try to kill you. This isn’t an issue if you’re in a well-defended structure, but it’s a nightmare if you’re out in the open, sheltering behind rocks or trees.

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What about the most outstanding Player?

Being more aware of where players may be is what player awareness is all about. There are several methods for becoming more aware of your environment.

First and foremost, keep an ear out for gunfire and automobiles. Sound can assist you in determining where players are and where battles are taking place.

If you don’t hear bullets in a certain region, that doesn’t imply no one is there; nevertheless, you may use the sound of other players to figure out where they are.

Another helpful hint is to keep an eye on the aircraft route; this may reveal a lot about where players will be descending. Most players will usually land near the plane. If you move further away from the plane route, bear in mind that the closer you are to the plane path, the more hazardous it becomes.

Finally, as the game progresses, you will be able to map the locations of players as you hear them fire.

If there are eight players left and you’re playing alone, you’ll know you’re one of them, leaving seven. You now know where two of the remaining seven players are if you hear two types of weaponry blazing off to the left.

In PUBG, the key to the final stage is to listen, understand where people are, wait for battles to break out around you, and then swoop in after players have just concluded a fight. They will be the most vulnerable when they are recuperating.

It’s critical to leave or find a secure place to sit under cover as soon as you kill a player in the final stage, because other players will be eager to take you out as they hear of your position.


That takes us to the conclusion of our PUBG Tips and Tricks essay. Without a doubt, these modest techniques will assist you in winning more games.


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