Things to Do in Kashmir 2022-2023 -Beeptrio

 Things to Do in Kashmir 2022-2023 -Beeptrio

The best thing to ever happen to India is Kashmir! To fully experience the allure of this bit of paradise, one must plan a lengthy trip to see the Himalayan splendor. There are seasons when Kashmir blooms with maple trees in the fall and verdant pastures in the summer, but Kashmir’s winters are truly exceptional. The biggest tourist destinations in Kashmir, such as Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam, and Srinagar, all appear more beautiful when they are covered in snow.

In Kashmir, winter can be difficult. Kashmir thrives in a picturesque environment. There is a thick layer of snow covering the entire valley. Winter is the deadest season since there are so few people around. Beautiful adventures are generally framed by majestic mountain peaks, and partially frozen pine trees frame the scene of a captivating scene all around.

A complete itinerary for travelers to Kashmir in winter during Covid is provided in the list of experiences that follows. Please be aware that given the current situation, some of these experiences might not be accessible to visitors. Before booking your vacation, TravelTriangle advises you to research any health risks and local government regulations.

5 Things To Do In Winter In Kashmir

For your upcoming vacation, check out this list of Kashmir’s most alluring winter activities. To learn more about the most alluring winter activities, keep scrolling down and reading!

  1. Dal Lake: Go For A Shikara Ride
  2. Harissa: Try The Winter Delicacy Of Kashmir
  3. Gulmarg: Skiing And Cable Car Ride
  4. Zanskar River: Walking The Chadar
  5. Sonamarg: Beholding The Best Of Snow Mountain Valley

  1. Dal Lake: Go For A Shikara Ride

You may certainly browse Kashmir’s shops and purchase those deftly woven Pashmina shawls and carpets, but don’t forget to take a boat ride as well. The pleasure of staying in one of Kashmir’s top houseboats or having a romantic boat ride across the region’s stunning lakes is unmatched. When taking a Kashmir vacation, a boat ride is the mother of all romantic experiences. Even the lakes begin to partially freeze as the mercury drops dramatically. Nothing is more entrancing than planning a Shikara ride. One of the best winter activities in Kashmir is taking a shikara ride.

  1. Harissa: Try The Winter Delicacy Of Kashmir

If you want to spend a few winter days in Kashmir, there are many things to do. The cuisine from Kashmir is also worth mentioning. Some of the most well-known and mouthwatering dishes to try include Kashmiri Pulav, Kehwa, dum aloo, Yakhni, and Kebabs, but Harissa steals the show. Everyone should sample the traditional Kashmiri dish called harissa. Kashmiris eat mostly this non-vegetarian delicacy, which requires over 12 hours to make, throughout the winter. Harissa’s main ingredients are lamb and rice.

  1. Gulmarg: Skiing And Cable Car Ride

Skiing is the most well-liked of all the adventure activities available in Kashmir during the winter. The most well-liked winter tourist destinations in Kashmir are Gulmarg and Sonamarg, which draw thrill-seekers willing to defy the bitter cold. In Gulmarg, there are numerous local businesses that organize adventure activities.

In Gulmarg, taking a cable car is a very amazing experience. Other well-liked wintertime activities to consider include hot air ballooning, ice skating, and heli-skiing.

  1. Zanskar River: Walking The Chadar

There are times when adventure finds you rather than the other way around. There are difficult trails leading into the heart of nature waiting for you as you enter a world that resembles nothing less than the ice age. The Zanskar River, which flows through the Hemis National Park and south of Leh, is the ideal location for winter exploration. In the winter, the river freezes into a thick sheet of ice, providing the ideal backdrop for the Chadar Trek, one of the world’s most exhilarating treks. Kashmir’s Chadar Trek is a well-liked wintertime destination.

  1. Sonamarg: Beholding The Best Of Snow Mountain Valley

Sonamarg is reached after a one-hour drive from Srinagar (80 km from Srinagar). It is frequently claimed that Sonamarg is impassable in the winter due to severe snowfall and avalanches, however with the knowledgeable assistance of locals, one can successfully negotiate the challenging trail. One location in Kashmir that will wow you is Sonamarg. Sonamarg has unmatched splendor, with its golden glory changing into a sea of white.

The most stunning sights in Sonamarg are Thajiwas Glacier and Zero Point, which are both very well-liked tourist destinations. Accept the beauty; even in the dreary winter, the country of golden meadows has its own allure. Sonamarg, one of the most well-liked destinations in India during the summer, is a must-see since it is protected by the enormous Himalayan mountains.

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