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The Diet-Friendly Ultimate Cheat Meal

The Diet-Friendly Ultimate Cheat Meal

Many people have a sweet cravings all across the world, especially in India. After a good savory lunch, they crave something sweet every day. The average person consumes twice the amount of sugar that is suggested. When we eat sugar, our brain produces serotonin and dopamine, which improves our mood. This is why, once they start eating something sweet, people tend to lose control and end up consuming even more sweets. Controlling one’s diet is necessary for living a healthy life. Diets that affect people’s habits, on the other hand, are discouraged because they might be difficult to stick to. Rather than entirely eliminating sugar cravings or eliminating sugar consumption, we must adopt a more pragmatic approach in which everything is ingested in moderation.

Why do individuals avoid sugary foods? Why does it make you gain weight?

Sugar contains a lot of carbs, which gives the body energy. But, if sugar gives you energy, how and why do you gain weight by eating it?

Sugar is broken down into glucose, which enters the bloodstream relatively quickly. This also explains why many people experience a “sugar rush.”

Too much sugar can lead to a variety of illnesses and, most importantly, weight gain. It makes you gain weight due to its high-calorie content. So, even if a person exercises regularly and consumes a lot of sweets, he or she will gain weight.

People avoid sweets in order to prevent gaining weight and harming their health. They safeguard their bodies from diabetes, heart and liver illness, and other problems that can be caused by a high sugar intake. People are becoming increasingly health concerned these days. They want to look and feel well, so they go on diets where they don’t eat any sweets at all. However, this merely intensifies sugar cravings, leading to the majority of individuals consuming sugar in the form of “cheat meals.”

Sweets, in moderation, are part of a well-balanced diet. Did you know that natural sugars like fructose and glucose may be found in fruits?

Okay, how sweet is it?

It is not advisable to entirely eliminate sugar consumption. Instead, sugar should be used in moderation. A well-balanced diet is essential for living a healthy life.

Men can consume up to 150 calories of sugar each day, according to studies (9 teaspoons or 37.5 gms). Women, on the other hand, should consume 100 calories every day (6 teaspoons or 25 gms).

Sugar should not account for more than 10% of a person’s daily calorie consumption.

A moderate amount of sugar is recommended if you are healthy and lead an active lifestyle. You’ll most likely be able to burn the calories from this amount of sugar without harming your health.

Because everyone is different, you must determine how much sugar is sufficient for you. Some people can tolerate sugar, while others may gain weight or develop ailments as a result of binge eating and cravings.

Additionally, choose sweets that are both healthy and sweet. These will satisfy your sugar cravings without causing too much harm and will complement your healthy diet well. Mishti Doi and Chenna Poda are two frequent healthful treats that I normally include in my healthy, balanced diet.

Both are created with milk, which rapidly fills the stomach while also providing all of the beneficial nutrients found in milk.

Here’s how Chenna Poda made an impression on us.

Chenna Poda is a very famous dish in the Indian state of Odisha. This sweet delicacy is one of Lord Jagannath’s favorite sweet meals in Puri, Odisha. This delectable treat is served to the Lord in his Puri temple. Chenna Poda is a sweet dish with a smokey flavor. Cottage cheese is referred to as “chenna” in Odia, while burnt is referred to as “poda.”

Chenna Poda’s background

Its beginnings can be traced back to the twentieth century. A local sweet maker developed this delectable dish by mistake. Sudarshan Sahoo, the owner of a confectionery, decided to season the remaining cottage cheese with sugar and dry fruits by accident. He cooked it in a coal oven that was still warm from previous use overnight. When he returned the next morning and tried the leftover food, he was astounded as well. Chenna Poda was born as a result. It is now regarded as one of Odia cuisine’s signature delights.

Various attempts have been made to make Chenna Poda a healthier cuisine. Some people prepare Chenna with dried fruits, while others make it with healthier milk. Native Milk is on a mission to revolutionize the dairy sector and provide healthy alternatives without requiring people to change their lifestyles. Their ethically sourced, 100 percent certified A2 milk is only the beginning; they’ve gone on to make A2 milk products that everyone loves! The most popular product in their collection is Chenna Poda, which is prepared from A2 milk.

Native milk has assured that the quality is maintained and that the correct flavor is obtained to satisfy Chenna Poda fans. Native milk now offers three different flavor options:

  • Chenna Poda is a traditional Chenna dish.
  • Dates in Chenna Poda
  • Jaggery-infused Chenna Poda

Chenna Poda, which is best eaten after a nutritious meal, is high in protein and low in fat. It’s a great source of calcium that everyone enjoys!


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