The Biggest Festival Fashion Trends Of 2022

The Biggest Festival Fashion Trends Of 2022

After Harry Styles’ sequined Gucci jumpsuit made headlines at Coachella, searches for Gucci increased by 101 percent, but does it mean we’ll all be shimmying through the summer in rainbow paillettes? The Harry Styles effect is just one of the elements that will influence festival attire in 2022. Prepare for fields full of Y2K clothing, crochet in the style of California, and the results of a pandemic spent searching Vestiaire for vintage treasures. The best, worst, and ugliest festival attire is back. What you should know is as follows.

Did you think that by now, Gen-Z fashion enthusiasts would have put away their rhinestones and fastened their low-slung belts once more? Think again. According to Libby Page, senior market editor at, “Festival goers are starting to exploit events like Coachella as opportunities to truly shine, quite literally,” following our post-pandemic move towards “the delight of dressing up”. Miniskirts, corsets, pleather leggings, and minidresses have all combined in classic Y2K style, as seen.

Since Coachella officially kicked off festival season, sequined clothing has generated 35% more searches on the fashion purchasing app Lyst. is likewise embracing the diamanté-studded fad that keeps Depop merchants in business. Tiffany Hsu, vice president of buying for women’s and children’s apparel, responds simply to the question, “Anything Y2K-inspired!” As the days spent playing in sunny fields get closer, the Attico triangle bag and Versace jelly-style platforms are hot items.

The number of searches for crochet has increased by twofold over the last two weeks thanks to buyers like Hsu, who says, “I am infatuated with crochet bucket hats and am now eyeing up the one from Loewe’s Paula’s Ibiza line.” Page has also saved the colorful settings from Jonathan Anderson’s seasonal collaboration with the renowned luxury bohemian retailer from the White Isle. According to Page, who highlights Loewe’s vibrant revamp to its Anagram Basket Tote as an investment buy that will make an impact near the cider bus, “They have taken playful to the next level this summer, giving everything you need for your festival wardrobe, across ready-to-wear and non-apparel.”

In the VIP bars, people stared and asked, “Where did you acquire that from?” Liane Wiggins, head of womenswear, cites Gabriela Hearst’s crochet dress and Wales Bonner’s green and yellow chevron ribbed knits as crafty items to flounce through Babbington on your way home. “The artisanal mood combined with the strong use of color we saw on the spring/summer 2022 runways is a great way to elevate festival dressing this summer,” she adds.

For the Great Britain weather forecast, is crochet being overly optimistic? If the clouds indicate otherwise, is also placing a lot of money on its new sunset linen Jacquemus capsule, which will undoubtedly give you a vitamin D boost. Page suggests pairing the fuchsia minidress and cropped shirts with JW Anderson bucket hats, a practical accessory for rain or shine. Grab yours quickly; according to Lyst, bucket purchases are up 62%.

Changing Your Clothing Does Not Equal Having Fun

The dangerously disposable nature of festival clothes—wear inexpensive synthetic items just once, get them dirty, and throw them away—ignores the fact that 70% of our clothing is thrown out or ends up in landfills every year. You don’t need a weekend’s worth of brand-new “suits” to party in just because you’re going to see your favorite band tear up the Pyramid Stage and then hit Shangri-La (essentials of Glastonbury life for the uninitiated). Most likely, you already possess the essential festival gear (waterproof, wellies, wet wipes). And the other necessities—lightweight knits for layering, sunglasses, and a sizable cross-body—are wardrobe staples that look beautiful on their own without the addition of glitter.

Make used stores your first stop if you need to give your dependable Barbour jacket a boost in attractiveness. When everyone else is digging out the Compeeds to stop their perfect Hunters from rubbing, saving money and being considerate of the environment will make you feel even more superior.

And if you find yourself unable to resist the temptation of newness, make a commitment to timeless items that you will bring to Camp Kerala years from now. Cargo jackets from Totême and Chimala, as well as knitwear from EARL and The Elder Statesman, make excellent festival cover-ups, according to Wiggins, who pairs the latter with Ashish’s minidresses for a look that is equal parts Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung. Or, put another way, perfection.


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