Latest Seo Trends 2023

Latest Seo Trends 2023

Although marketing and PR are always evolving, SEO is likely the most nebulous marketing subgenre. It has never been more important for marketers to master the art of appeasing the algorithm to improve their search page ranks.

Here are the top SEO trends and insights from Zen Media that every marketer should be aware of for the upcoming year.

Important SEO Trends for 2023

  1. TikTok SEO will continue to exist.

A mobile software called TikTok enables users to create brief 15-second video clips. 2019 saw TikTok overtake Instagram as the most popular app for sharing images and videos online. A recent study estimates that TikTok will have 656 million users worldwide in 2021. It was anticipated that this number will rise by almost 15% annually, reaching 755 million users in 2022.

Younger consumers are now using TikTok instead of Google for discovery because more than 60% of its users are members of the Gen Z generation. TikTok is receiving a lot of attention, so it makes sense that marketers are paying attention as well. And with the appropriate strategy, you can take advantage of the TikTok frenzy to increase your organic search traffic and attract leads to your website.

These are the procedures to take while making your TikTok content SEO-friendly:


To group information into categories within a certain area, utilise hashtags (#). Users can easily find related posts thanks to them. For instance, the hashtag for all TikTok videos is #TikTok.

You can target terms related to your brand by using hashtags. Your audience will find your material more readily when looking up related topics as a result.


The words or phrases you use as keywords should describe your video. Make sure to incorporate these keywords throughout the description of your video when constructing it.


Also, you can employ keywords to produce videos with content related to your market.

For instance, a fitness channel may make a video titled “Best Fitness Advice for Beginners” in which it discusses the greatest exercise regimens for new exercisers.

This kind of film offers helpful information while being heavily aimed towards new users.


Using visual components like photos and GIFs helps enhance storytelling and engage visitors.

A photo of you holding a prize or participating in sports, for instance, might bring individuality to your film.

  1. Use Structured Data At All Times

Information about web pages that has been labeled with RDFa, Microdata, JSON-LD, and other machine-readable codes is referred to as structured data. Search engines can better understand the contents of each page and their relationships to one another because to this. The best method to use structured data is to incorporate it into the coding of your website.

Because they need to be able to comprehend the information that is available about your website, search engines need structured data. They won’t be able to effectively index your site if you don’t give them the appropriate information. This means that instead of finding another business that might provide comparable goods or services when someone looks for something on Google, they’ll reach your establishment.

  1. Marketing using AI is a reality.

Nowadays, one of the hottest issues in marketing is artificial intelligence. AI may be incorporated into marketing initiatives in a variety of ways, including chatbots for customer support, email automation, and website personalisation. A recent study anticipated that the market for artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing would be worth $15.84 billion in 2021. By 2028, the value, according to the estimate, will surpass 107.5 billion.

  1. Know your user.

Marketers have always been driven crazy by the desire to know as much as they can about their consumers. Understanding user intent and giving user experience top priority are essential to SEO as we head into 2023.


The objective a searcher has for a given query is known as user intent. Hence, for instance, a person might look up a location nearby, a subject they want to learn more about, or a good they want to buy.


What your audience feels and thinks is what user experience is all about. What do they think about your website? You’re an app? Your entire brand? While it’s important to optimize web page speed, the UI UX design company you work with must always keep the end user in mind.

Internet marketing strategies should be built from the ground up with user intent and experience in mind. As a result of their shared objective—fulfilling the user’s demand or, as others could put it, resolving the user’s issue—they are linked with one another.


Content that is geared for search engines appears to be new, worthwhile material that delivers users the answers or solutions they’re looking for. Hence, if your audience is interested in the most recent bitcoin news, address those questions publicly on your website. Giving your audience a positive experience on your website requires high-quality content that takes user intent and experience into account. In the end, it enhances your audience’s overall perception of your brand. Also, Google’s search algorithm appreciates it when you update your website frequently with unique, high-quality content that benefits users.

Marketers can also make use of the potential of video content. The reality that video is just more compelling than text and images cannot be contested. According to a Wyzowl poll, over eight out of ten customers have bought software or an app as a result of watching the company’s promotional film. In addition to converting well, video content is also in demand with consumers. 53% of Americans, according to research, want to see more video content in the future.

A compelling video on your website will keep visitors there longer, and Google will reward you with higher search ranks. Also, the video offers a potent chance for you to use YouTube to sell your company.

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