How Can Protect Your Skin from Harmful Colors this holi festival

How Can Protect Your Skin from Harmful Colors this holi festival

Holi, India’s most vibrant festival, will soon be here. Everyone is getting ready for the festival celebrations with great excitement. Everyone, from young children to adults, is eager to enjoy the event and spend time with family.

Holi is a festival of colors, and while the colors used to be derived from flowers and herbs, they are now made from a variety of chemicals. Our skin and hair are severely harmed by those artificial hues. Therefore, when we purchased such colors from the store, we were unable to distinguish between natural and artificial hues. We had many issues with our skin and hair after the event; they are dry, damaged, or have allergies, rashes, and irritation.

Therefore, taking basic safety measures before participating in Holi may help us safeguard our skin and hair from damaging Holi colors. Listed below are a few safety measures:


Put coconut and mustard oil on

Although we forget about everything when playing Holi, the Holi colors are bad for skin and hair. However, if we use coconut and mustard oil on our skin and hair before leaving to play Holi. We can shield ourselves from direct touch with chemical colors thanks to it. Oil facilitates the easy removal of colors from our skin and hair.

Use sunblock:

After applying oil to your skin, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to any exposed skin. Your sunscreen should be waterproof or gel-based and have an SPF of 25. Reapply sunscreen if you stay outside for longer than 3 to 4 hours.

Petroleum Jelly application

Additionally, you can apply petroleum jelly to your skin and hands. You are shielded from contact with dangerous chemical colors. After playing Holi, colors simply fall out as you remove them.

Applying nail polish

Apply thick and black nail paint on your nails before playing Holi so that you may remove it afterward and preserve your nails.

Being aware of cuts

Try to keep colors away from any cuts or injuries you may have. Chemical colours that are harmful can impact your wound. So before playing, take care of any wounds.

How To Dress Properly For Holi

Avoid wearing clothing with no sleeves or only a partial set. because your flesh and your body are exposed when you wear these clothing. You should stay away from this on the day of Holi.

Sunglasses Usage

When playing Holi outside, remember to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from hazardous colors because your eyes are a very sensitive organ in your body. While playing, immediately cleanse your eyes with cold, fresh water if any colors are getting inside of them.

Play Around With Herbal Hues:

The festival of colors has everyone in a festive mood. However, these beautiful hues pose a risk to our health. Make sure the colors you purchased for Holi are natural. Our skin and hair are unaffected by herbal hues. If you are unsure about herbal colors, take the preceding precautions to protect yourself from them. We can perhaps be protected by this from dangerous and synthetic chemical colors.

Overall, if you exercise caution, Holi can be a wonderful holiday. To ensure that your festival runs successfully, heed these advice. Most essential, to protect the environment and oneself, strive to use natural or vegetable colours rather than artificial one

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