Grocery Shopping for Your Health in 2023

Grocery Shopping for Your Health in 2023

I frequently find myself humming “Lost in the Supermarket” by The Clash when I’m perusing grocery shelves and can’t remember what I came in for. It may be more of a metaphorical commentary on how consumerism fails to provide meaning in our lives than a song about actually getting lost in a supermarket, though.

The Sarasota County branch of the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences is starting a new blog series titled “Grocery Shopping for Your Health” to assist perplexed shoppers like myself. Beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 28, posts in the series will be posted every Tuesday and Friday. Over time, they will take you on a tour of a normal grocery store and offer advice on how to choose healthy options, save money, and cut down on food waste.

According to Maria Portelos-Rometo, the institute’s family and consumer sciences agent, who is writing the new series, “it’s about choosing items in the grocery store with a focus on creating healthier eating patterns that include foods that are nutrient-dense, low in calories, but that have a high amount of vitamins, minerals, and fibres.”

Portelos-Rometo provided five brief suggestions that highlight some of the topics the new blog will cover:

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Fruit Should Not Be Washed Before Being Placed In The Refrigerator.

When you get home from the market, put your fruit straight into the refrigerator without washing it to avoid your fruit going bad too quickly. Fruit has a built-in barrier that prevents it from decomposing too soon. Since there is still moisture on the fruit after washing it, putting it in the refrigerator also encourages decomposition. In conclusion, rinse fruit under cold, fresh water just before eating.

Be vibrant

Because they might all offer various nutrients, pick a colourful assortment of fruits. Don’t be afraid to give something new a try. Purchase a piece to try. You might develop a passion for something novel and distinctive.

Avoid skipping the section of frozen foods

If you are looking for a specific vegetable but are unable to get it because it is out of season, consider the frozen food department or even the canned or jarred variants to save money. Many seasonal products are available all year round thanks to them.

Avoid fried or breaded foods.

Don’t have the time to read labels but want to make a healthy choice? Avoid fried or breaded foods as they contain more fat and calories.

Purchasing in bags as opposed to boxes

When feasible, purchase frozen produce in bags rather than boxes. This allows you to utilise what you need, close the bag, and save the remainder for another time.

A conclusion

These are just a few of the incredible benefits of online buying. We are aware that you benefited from them. Your schedules are already jam-packed with demanding obligations. Don’t let something as basic as grocery shopping eat up all of your time. Utilise the tool you have in your hands, and let the store owners attend to other matters. Give yourself some time to relax; you deserve it.

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