Gold Mines Found In Three Districts Of Odisha

Gold Mines Found In Three Districts Of Odisha


Old mines have been discovered in three separate districts of Odisha, the state’s assembly was informed on Monday by steel and mines minister Prafulla Mallik.

“The studies of the Directorate of Mines and Geological Survey Of India (GSI) revelation the presence of Gold reserves in three districts namely Deogarh, Keonjhar, and Mayurbhanj,” the Minister said in response to a written question from MLA from Dhenkanal Sudhir Kumar Samal.

These gold deposits, according to Mallik, “have been located at four locations in the Keonjhar District, four locations in the Mayurbhanj District, and at one location in the Deogarh District.”

On Monday, the state parliament was notified by Steel and Mines Minister Prafulla Mallik that several gold mines had been found in three different districts in Odisha. In answer to a written inquiry from Dhenkanal MLA Sudhir Kumar Samal, the Minister stated that the Directorate of Mines and Geological Survey of India (GSI) research have revealed the existence of gold reserves in three districts, namely Deogarh, Keonjhar, and Mayurbhanj.

To the great astonishment of the citizens of Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj, and Deogarh, it was revealed in the Legislature on Monday that these three districts have gold deposits.

Dimirimunda, Kushakala, Gotipur, and Gopur in the Keonjhar district; Joshipur, Suriaguda, Ruansila, and Dhushura Hill in the Mayurbhanj district; and the Adas region in the Deogarh district all have gold resources.

The people of Odisha now have reason to be hopeful after hearing the Minister assert that there is gold in the three districts.

Indeed, the first exploration of the gold deposit in the Keonjhar district took place in the 1980s. Using the tools available at the time, the Geological Survey of India (GSI) conducted the survey in sites like Kushakala, Goppur, and Jaladiha villages under Taramakant and Nayakote Panchayats in Keonjhar district’s Banspal block. But, the survey’s findings were kept a secret.

Then, using the most recent technologies, the GSI conducted a second research in those areas of the Keonjhar district in 2021–2022. At that time as well, the GSI authorities kept quiet about the survey’s results.

But, the citizens of Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj, and Deogarh are in a pickle as a result of the Steel and Mines Minister’s words in the House.

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