Ek Villain Returns Box Office: Film Is Fair After First Week, Will Go Over Rs. 40 Crores Mark In Its Lifetime

Ek Villain Returns Box Office: Film Is Fair After First Week, Will Go Over Rs. 40 Crores Mark In Its Lifetime

With the first week’s earnings coming in at roughly Rs. 32.92 crores, Ek Villain Returns is projected to earn over Rs. 40 crores for its whole run. If more than Rs. 35 crores had been made in the first week, there would have been a chance for the movie to surpass Rs. 50 crores as well, given that the following week is an open one. However, a decline was seen throughout the workweek, which has limited its growth.

It’s a relief that Ek Villain Returns scored better on its second Friday because it didn’t appear like this was going to happen till yesterday when the collections dipped to 1.65 crores. The Mohit Suri-directed movie appeared to be on track to earn approximately 1.25 crores on Friday, and even a drop to 1 crore wouldn’t have been unexpected at that point.

Ek Villain Returns has so far made 34.47 crores in revenue, and although 38–39 crores would be its final score by the end of the weekend, a significant stretch would raise that to 40 crores. It’s difficult, but that’s what the producers are looking for since it will determine if the movie stops at 45 crores or if it has a potential to earn 50 crores overall in the end, which would be a satisfactory result for the Disha Patani starring.

Despite this, the movie has nonetheless earned a respectable gross, finishing in the neighborhood of Rs. 15 to 18 crores in its first week, less than half of what the majority of other films with a comparable scope, size, and star cast have done. Early release on OTT has proven to be a double-edged sword because what had become Bollywood’s savior in 2020 and 2021 has since become a curse in 2022 when theaters are open due to viewers’ reluctance to enter unless it’s an event release. In that regard, a “normal” movie like Ek Villain Returns has continued to draw respectable audiences and is currently among the year’s Top 10.

Director Mohit Suri has given the actors John Abraham, Arjun Kapoor, Disha Patani, and Tara Sutaria a respectable grosser, and rest assured that the movie will perform even better on the OTT circuits when it gets there because, after the opening weekend, there is a larger audience waiting to see the suspense thriller on television.

In “Ek Villain Returns,” Arjun Kapoor’s character has numerous tattoos, and the actor has written a remark on the same social media. “I got to sport such outrageous tattoos that characterize my character and attitude in the film,” stated Arjun, posting a photo of his tattooed torso. Everyone’s meaning of getting inked is different, but for me, getting inked has always meant leaving a piece of your soul on your body. I can say with certainty that this movie has brought me back to my passion of body art, and I am grateful to Mohit Suri for tattooing me with artwork that I will treasure always. I currently have three tattoos. Time to perhaps obtain one more

Ek Villain Returns has received a chance from the audience, and the trend starting on Monday will reflect that. A Monday upside of Rs 3.25 crore will put the movie in a position to continue doing well through the openings of Laal Singh Chaddha and Raksha Bandhan, but a day below that mark will indicate a challenging road ahead. In these trying times, it may also be said that Ek Villain Returns’ weekend box office is more than the lifetime earnings of many movies with far bigger names.

Of course, the movie still has a long way to go before it becomes a success, but given the year’s worth of feature films, any little victory is worth celebrating since it is a step toward a better future. Since the audience hasn’t abandoned Hindi films, but is instead selective about what they want to see on the big screen, Ek Villain Returns’ performance in the opening weekend has also provided the industry a break. Now, all eyes are on the important test on Monday.


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