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Top 10 Email Verification And Validation Services In 2021

Top 10 Email Verification And Validation Services In 2021

Email checks are the process used to verify the validity of an email address. It is a must-do task in the course of email marketing and also known as cleaning and validation of email lists.

While you write an email address, everyone can make a mistake and the email address is invalid because of this error. Emails sent to such invalid email addresses are bounced up and the deliverability value is reduced during email marketing campaigns.

The email bounce rate should be lower in order to obtain positive ROI in email marketing campaigns. One should use a bulk email verifier to minimize the email bounce rate.

In this article, you will see a list with details of the top email verification services.

Two types of email controls are available:

  • API real-time verification
  • Verification of bulk email list

Generally, online services are the first type of email testers. The result for the email address you entered will be immediate. This API must be integrated into your website or application for real-time email checks.

You can avoid incorrect or incorrect email addresses entering the database with this API.


When we sign up for Google or Yahoo, we check the syntax by email when we enter our preferred email address. It also checks whether there is already a similar e-mail address.

The second type of e-mail tester allows you to upload a file and provides a clean e-mail list. These email verifiers are trade services and useful for email campaigns. These services often allow you to import the email list from your email services currently.

One of the common email check processes is to send an email to the verified email address.. This email has a unique link. This link is used to verify the email. The email address will be checked when this link is clicked.

Top 10 Email Verification And Validation Services

Given below is the list of most popular Email checker and verifier services that are available in the market.

  1. ZeroBounce
  2. Bouncer
  3. DeBounce
  4. Xverify
  5. NeverBounce
  6. BriteVerify
  7. Bulk Email Checker
  8. Email List Validation
  9. Bounceless.io
  10. Verifalia
  11. Quick Email Verification
  12. DataValidation
  13. Email Marker


ZeroBounce is an email list cleaning service that helps companies to deliver great emails. The system detects rebounds,
spam traps, fake and abuse e-mails so that email lists are up-to-date and accurate.

Bouncer  offers a powerful and accurate checking of email list and validation of email. It safeguards the reputation of your sender and improves your box placement by removing invalid emails from your list and reducing your bounce rate!


De Bounce is a popular, fast and accurate platform to validate your e-mails in full or using the API. DeBounce has over 1000 positive reviews on various review platforms like TrustPilot and Capterra.


Xverify is an e-mail inspector specially designed for digital marketing requirements. It helps to improve the e-mail delivery capacity for online marketing by minimising fraud, reducing spam complaints, and eliminating hard bounces. During the e-mail validation process, the e-mail validator ensures that the username is registered in the domain.


Never Bounce provides email and email cleaning services in real time. It can be integrated both for single email checks and bulk email checks. NeverBounce carries out e-mail validation from small companies, big companies or all popular providers from any part of the world.


Brite Verify carries out real-time email verification without sending the message. You can use the Email Verification API on web forms, pages, mobile devices, POS systems or anywhere else. It can verify the email list in real time.

Bulk email checker

Bulk email checker is a web application.  It is an email checker based on SMTP. It can perform email verification in real time. Easily integrated with Google Sheets, Bulk Email Checker. It has a plugin for WordPress.

Email List Validation

Email List Validation checks the invalid emails, spam traps, and hard bounces in the email list. It separates high-value addresses and low-quality addresses. It ensures that emails are sent to real individuals.


In their email campaigns, Bounceless.io helps digital marketers. It can clean up the email list, check the email list and help to improve email delivery. It helps companies to achieve excellent ROI by removing harsh bounces. It can verify both single and bulk


This is an online email tester providing an Email Address validation API. It will be validation in real time. It can also verify the email list. It checks the email without the message being sent.


All of this concerned email verification and top email verification and validation services. For small business, NeverBounce, ZeroBounce, Xverify, and BriteVerify are good. Comparing the prices of the top five services for the 10K validation process is the most affordable e-mail list validation service.

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