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27 crore Lamborghini car made from wood in Vietnam

27 crore Lamborghini car made from wood in Vietnam

A Socialist Republic of Vietnam man has built a wooden car for his son. Now you can think that what is the big wheel in this. The great thing is that Truong Van Dao is a woodworker by profession and has made a wooden electric Lamborghini Car for his son, in which also he canĀ  be driven on the hundreds by sitting.

special things

  • A father in Vietnam builds a wooden car for his son.
  • This exact replica of the Lamborghini Cian Roadster is powered by an electric motor.
  • This wooden wonder can catch 25 kilometers per hour top speed

Lamborghini car made by woodworker

Truong Van Dao of Vietnam has make a wooden car. This car can also be driven on the streets. Specially, He made this car for his son. The car looks surprisingly similar to the original Lamborghini car

Dao is a woodworker by profession. He took 65 days to complete this achievement. It is written in the description of the video that this supercar has ultracapacitor. It is made from waste of tree wood and thanks to the motor installed in it, this car can reach a speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

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